We are excited you are exploring employment opportunities with BW Mitchum. As mandated by FMCSR 391.23(d)&(e),
the information provided on the application will be used to investigate your employment and driving history.
The companies you have worked for in the last 36 months will be contacted as part of the investigation in
accordance with [49 CFR Part 391.21(b)(10)(iv)Part (A&B)].

The information you provide will be shared only with those responsible for making hiring decisions. The purpose
of this disclosure is to advise you of your rights and to comply with FMCRS’s background investigations.

Applicants Have the right to disagree with information provided by previous employers or companies providing
investigative reports. If you disagree with a previous employer you can make a written rebuttal to the previous
employer (they must respond to you). Changes to the initial response may or may not affect the original decision
about the application. Please see FMCSR (391.23) for a complete explanation of your rights.

A complete ten (10) year history is required by the Department of Transportation. All gaps in employment must be
explained. If you were unemployed or in school, please provide accurate and complete dates. Your background and
MVR history will be verified.

Incomplete applications will not be processed. Please contact Safety/BW Mitchum if you have questions or concerns
regarding the application process (843.881.5444).